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Frequently Asked Questions

I have received my GOSPACE. How should I start?
  1. Make sure your GOSPACE is fully charged

A charging cable is already included in your package. Connect it to a USB socket to charge. Press the on/off button of GOSPACE to check battery level, it is full when all four LED lights are on.

  1. Insert a suitable SD card

Push in your SD card until GOSPACE locks it inside its slot. GOSPACE supports all standard-sized SD card up to 2TB of recent production. Most SD produced in the past 5 years are supported, although we suggest at least Class 10 cards for smooth operation. GOSPACE is requires a SD card to operate.

  1. Install GOSPACE APP for your mobile devices

Android and iOS devices must connect GOSPACE with app. Both apps are available to download at Play Store and App Store by searching “MyGOSPACE”. You may also find the link here <<< hyperlink to url

Install the app and approve all requests to access your storage.

  1. Switch on your GOSPACE

Press on/off button on GOSPACE once to enter power bank mode. White LED will light up indicating its power level. You can use GOSPACE to charge other USB devices in this mode.

Hold down the on/off button for 15 seconds to turn on storage mode. A green light will turn on and flash occasionally. Once GOSPACE is ready, two green lights will be visible with one flashing occasionally.

  1. Link up with your cloud storage drive

Create account for Dropbox and Google Drive first if you haven’t.

On the GOSPACE app, click on the cloud logo on the top three-item selector. You can see two buttons for Dropbox and Google Drive linkage respectively.

  1. Connect your device to GOSPACE

Please go to Wi-Fi setting on your mobile device. Disconnect all existing Wi-Fi connections. You should be able to browse and locate Wi-Fi connections named “GOSPACE-XXXX” and “GOSPACE-5G-XXXX” with the last 4 digits being the unit number of your GOSPACE. Connect to either of them, “5G” will provide faster transfer speed while the one without will provide better range and penetration.

  1. Open your GOSPACE app

Open your GOSPACE app and press on the “phone” button on the top selector. If GOSPACE does not connect automatically, press “Search GOSPACE” to connect. Once connected, you can see the number of each type of file displayed.

  1. Browse your files on GOSPACE app

You can click on the four buttons to view files of each type. You can also browse all files at “View all files”. On the top three-item selector, you can view files on your mobile device and connected cloud storage as well.

  1. Streaming and handling the files

As GOSPACE supports streaming of photos, videos, music and documents, you can click on the files to view them directly, without moving them to your device first.

  1. Moving files from and to GOSPACE

Browsing through GOSPACE, you may move files to your connected mobile device or cloud storage easily by selecting the file and press “copy”. On the other hand, you can do the same on mobile device and cloud storage page, moving the desired file between the 3 places.

  1. Connect to World Wide Web while through with GOSPACE

GOSPACE has a built-in Wi-Fi hub allowing you to continue using Wi-Fi for internet. To do so, enter “setting” by clicking the upper right button. You may click “internet” under “Network” and choose an open Wi-Fi for internet.

Setting > Internet > Network

  1. Unlink a cloud storage account

GOSPACE can only link up with one Google Drive and one Dropbox account at the same time. If you would like to switch to another account, access setting and click “clear local cache”, you will be able to setup for another cloud drive account afterward.

Setting > Clear local cache

  1. Switching off your GOSPACE device

You may hold your on/off button for 20 seconds to completely shut down GOSPACE. It takes a little longer to completely shutdown, so please wait for at least 1 minute before attempting to restart the device.

What is GOSPACE?
GOSPACE is a revolutionary storage for all your portable devices. It is a portable cloud that holds all your files with 5G wireless which is faster than ever.
How can I recharge GOSPACE?
A USB-C charging cable is provided. You can connect to any USB outlet to charge.
How many hours its battery last with full charge?
GOSPACE battery can last for 12 hours on a full charge.
Can I use GOSPACE when there is no internet connection?
Yes, GOSPACE can transfer file with your mobile devices anywhere, even when there is no mobile signal. GOSPACE uses Wi-Fi to connect to your devices and does not require internet connection to operate.
Is it compatible with Apple and Android devices?
It is compatible with all common OS.
What colors do you offer?
GOSPACE comes in both Black and Gold.
Which types of SD card can GOSPACE support?
GOSPACE supports all type of SD card such as SD, SDHC and SDXC; as well as mini and micro SD cards with adaptor.
How does it integrate with other connected devices?
GOSPACE integrates with other devices through WiFi & USB-C cable.
Can I carry GOSPACE on a plane?
Yes, you can carry GOSPACE with you on flights. The Lipo battery of GOSPACE is well within FAA safety standard.
Does GOSPACE come with AC wall charger and USB-C cable?
GOSPACE does NOT include AC wall charge. Please use the USB-C charger which come with your USB-C device to recharge your GOSPACE.
Why would I buy GOSPACE over any other Portable Storage Devices?
-GOSPACE is expandable with a swap of SD card. There is no limit for your storage.

-GOSPACE comes with the fastest 5G Wi-Fi. GOSPACE transfers 3 times faster than most devices. You can stream your favorite movie or music seamlessly.

-Your device can stay connected to Wi-Fi even when it is connecting with GOSPACE. You can have full access to GOSPACE and the internet at the same time, no compromise.

Why my phone cannot to the Wi-Fi of GOSPACE despite following all the instructions?

Please make sure you have a valid SD card inserted. Please also check that your phone setting allows connecting to a Wi-Fi network without access to the internet. Some phones are locked from doing so by factory setting. You can change this at “mobile network settings”. Thank you.